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Forecasted - California Serves Grant Program - $5M Available - Estimated Open Date 1/16/23

Opportunity Title: California Serves Grant Program


The California Serves Grant Program will promote access to effective service learning for pupils in grade twelve who are enrolled at participating local educational agencies, with the goal of expanding access for high school graduates in obtaining a State Seal of Civic Engagement through service learning.

The California Serves Grant Program will award participating and eligible local educational agencies with grants of up to $500,000 to use for a variety of purposes:

(1) Paid planning time for teachers to increase the use of service learning in their instruction.

(2) Professional development for school and local educational agency administrators and classroom teachers on service learning.

(3) Purchase of instructional materials to aid in the use of service learning in instruction.

(4) Participation costs of pupils and school personnel, including any materials or travel expenses related to service learning activities.

(5) Personnel costs for coordination of service learning at a local educational agency or a school site of an LEA.

(6) Participation costs associated with grant program evaluation.

Applicants must be local educational agencies that serve pupils in grade twelve; offer the State Seal of Civic Engagement to students locally; and in which at least 55 percent of the pupils enrolled in the applicant local educational agency shall be unduplicated pupils as defined in Education Code Section 2574 or 42238.02, as applicable. The California Department of Education shall give positive consideration to applicants with high quality service learning programs that also directly support the statewide State Seal of Civic Engagement criteria.


  • Public Agency

Applicant eligibility is limited to LEAs, defined as a school district, COE, or directly-funded charter school, within the State of California that serves students in grade twelve.

Award Details:

Total Amount Available: $5M

Maximum Award: $500,000

Submission Details:

Estimated Open Date: 1/16/23

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