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FTA Funding for Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Planning – Due 10/10

Opportunity Title:


Federal Transit Authority


Recognizing the important connection between accessible transportation and affordable housing, FTA is encouraging TOD in areas where communities are trying to preserve, protect, and increase the supply of affordable housing. This NOFO provides applicants with an opportunity to receive full federal support for projects that focus on affordable housing as one type of substantial deliverable that may result from an applicant’s comprehensive or site-specific planning work. These affordable housing policies may focus on, among other things, reducing regulatory barriers, updating parking standards, and providing strategies to address homelessness.


Applicants and eventual grant recipients under this program must be FTA grantees as of the publication date of the NOFO. A proposer must either be the project sponsor of an eligible transit capital project as defined above or an entity with land use planning authority in an eligible transit capital project corridor. Evidence of a partnership between these two types of entities will be required unless the applicant has both responsibilities. Please refer to the NOFO for additional details.

Award Details:

Total Amount Available:



October 10, 2023

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