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Light-Duty Zero-Emission Infrastructure, Electric

The Light Duty Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program, a statewide program funding electric vehicle infrastructure, is now open. $5 million in Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust funding will be available to purchase and install new charging stations for battery electric vehicles while:

· Directing a minimum of 50% of funds to disadvantaged and low-income communities; and

· Expanding EV charging access state-wide and closing geographic gaps in coverage.

Review the Solicitation:

Access the Grants Management Portal:

Eligible Applicants

  1. Eligible applicants are companies or organizations (public or private) with a proven track record of overseeing the procurement, permitting, installation, and maintenance of at least 20 DC Fast Chargers and/or 100 level 2 chargers at three or more different property locations and for three or more different customers in California since January 1, 2018. Examples of eligible applicants include vendors, installers, and aggregators. Once awarded, these applicants are referred to as “Contractors” for the purposes of this solicitation. Contractors will be required, at a minimum, to identify the Project Beneficiaries, to enter into contract with them and the VW administrator, and to fulfill all the Program Requirements as outlined in this document, including overseeing implementation, maintaining and operating equipment, and reporting.

  2. Applicants must be in compliance with all applicable Federal, State, and local regulations at the time of application and remain in good standing with applicable regulations throughout the contract term.

  3. Applicants who have received funding from local air districts, the California Energy Commission or from the California Air Resources Board, must be in good standing with those agreements.

  4. Applicants must have the financial ability to pay upfront for all costs necessary to complete their projects. Trust funds are paid only on a reimbursement basis after project completion (see “Reimbursement Process”).

  5. Religious institutions are not eligible to apply and Trust funds may not be used to install equipment on property belonging to religious institutions.

  6. Electrify America and any Defendants of the Consent Decree (Volkswagen AG and its subsidiaries) are not eligible to apply.

Information for Project Beneficiaries

Project Beneficiaries include any businesses, non-profits, or public agencies who either own the property where the proposed chargers will be installed, or who provide evidence (e.g., long-term lease agreement, letter of support) from the property owner who will allow the selected Contractor to install and operate chargers for the duration of the Operational Period. Project Beneficiaries cannot apply directly to this Program but rather must work with an eligible applicant. Project Beneficiaries under contract with selected Contractors will receive no-cost or discounted Trust-funded charging stations in return for agreeing to fulfill Program Requirements for the duration of the contract term. Anyone who is interested in applying to be a Project Beneficiary may sign up on the Program website. Information on Project Beneficiaries will be posted to the Program website to be shared with potential applicants.

Requirements for Project Beneficiaries include the following:

  • Sign an agreement with the Contractor agreeing to all Program Requirements as outlined in this solicitation.

  • Allow the Contractor to have reasonable access to the property for installation, operation, and maintenance, and to usage data for reporting purposes.

  • Allow access during regular business hours (see “Project Operation Requirements”).

  • Allow the VW Administrator or its authorized representatives to inspect the charging stations and sites at any time during the Project Operational Period and cooperate with such inspections.

  • Allow the VW Administrator and its authorized representatives to conduct performance and fiscal audits of the Project at any time during the contract term and cooperate with such audits making available all records relating to the Project performance and expenses incurred in the implementation of the Project.

  • Agree to cooperate with the Contractor to secure permits and other requirements.

  • Be in compliance with all applicable Federal, State, and local regulations at the time of application and remain in good standing with applicable regulations throughout the contract term.

  • Agree to complete a successor agreement with the Contractor in case of sale or change of property ownership.

  • Agree to repayment of Trust funds in the case of breach or Project Beneficiary’s failure to comply with Program Requirements.

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