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NSF Partnership to Advance Conservation Science and Practice – Due 04/24/24

Opportunity Title:

Partnership to Advance Conservation Science and Practice



National Science Foundation (NSF)


Opportunity Number:




The NSF and the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation continue their partnership to support a program administered by NSF, focusing on conservation science and practice in the United States.

The PACSP Program aims to advance biodiversity conservation through research in organismal biology, ecology, and/or evolution. It seeks proposals from academic-conservation organization partnerships implementing conservation activities based on scientific principles.

Projects should assess biodiversity outcomes continuously, informing both scientific understanding and conservation actions. Proposals must clearly connect basic research questions with conservation actions, emphasizing on-the-ground efforts.

Projects integrating climate change, conservation, and ecosystem health are encouraged. Additionally, proposals should consider broader societal impacts and engage non-academic partners.

NSF will fund research scope, while the foundation will support conservation components of selected proposals.


  • Non-profit Organizations

  • Non-academic Organizations: Independent museums, observatories, research laboratories, professional societies

  • Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs)


Award Details:

Total Amount Available:




Applications Due April 24, 2024



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