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NYSERDA Clean Hydrogen Innovation Round 2 – Due 07/15/24

Opportunity Title:

Clean Hydrogen Innovation Round 2



New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)


Opportunity Number:

PON 5500



The NYSERDA Clean Hydrogen Innovation program focuses on accelerating innovative solutions in clean hydrogen to decarbonize hard-to-electrify sectors and to support the transition to a resilient, zero-emission electric grid. Through this program, NYSERDA has up to $11.5 million in co-funding for clean hydrogen research, development, and demonstration projects.

Funding in this solicitation focuses on Clean Hydrogen Innovation in the following technical challenge areas:

  • Challenge 1. Hydrogen applications to decarbonize industrial process heat 

  • Challenge 2. Mitigation of nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions from hydrogen combustion 

  • Challenge 3. Hydrogen storage technologies for bulk storage and limited footprint areas 

  • Challenge 4. Hydrogen-based generation systems for microgrids and grid support services

  • Challenge 5. Hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.

Two categories of projects will be considered for funding based on technology readiness levels (TRLs):

  • Category A: Product Development (TRL 4-6)

  • Category B: Pilot & Demonstration Projects (TRL 7-9)


  • For-profit entities

  • Educational institutions

  • Non-profits


Award Details:

Total Amount Available:




PON 5500 Applications Due July 15, 2024


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