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RFI Open: GSA & DOE Green Proving Ground (GPG) Program Due 12/8

Opportunity Title:

Green Proving Ground (GPG) Program


U.S. General Services Administration; U.S. Department of Energy’s Building Technologies Office (BTO)

Opportunity Number:


The U.S. General Services Administration, in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Building Technologies Office (BTO), is issuing a Request for Information (RFI) for technologies that optimize buildings for efficiency, health, and fossil-fuel-free operations. BTO’s stakeholders are encouraged to submit responses to this RFI.

Proposed technologies should be at the edge of commercialization and ready for validation, primarily within large, GSA-affiliated commercial facilities or DOE’s Better Buildings partner sites. Responses will be evaluated and considered for inclusion in GSA’s Green Proving Ground (GPG) program (for federally-owned facilities) and/or DOE-facilitated voluntary partnership programs (for privately-owned facilities). Any selected technologies must be gifted to GSA for in-facility validation or arranged independently at Better Building partner sites. The GPG program tests technologies in GSA owned commercial buildings. DOE intends to target other technology testbeds at small commercial facilities and traditionally underserved sectors of commercial buildings.

This year's RFI outlines five topic areas that emphasize innovative, emerging, and sustainable technologies that advance the decarbonization of commercial buildings. Proposed technologies should support:

  1. Deep Energy Retrofits - Improve the energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of an existing building by implementing a comprehensive program of energy conservation measures (ECMs).

  2. All-Electric Buildings and All-Electric Vehicle Fleets - Eliminate the use of fossil fuels in building and vehicle fleet operations.

  3. Net-Zero Operations - Operate without fossil-fuel equipment through a combination of onsite renewables and offsite carbon-free electricity.

  4. Healthy and Resilient Buildings - Enhance occupant comfort and building health.

  5. Building Commissioning and Control - Enable more efficient building control with a focus on retro- and continuous-commissioning.


Submissions should be early-or underutilized-commercial technologies ready for evaluation in occupied, operational buildings. Technologies will be considered for GSA’s Green Proving Ground (GPG) program (for federally owned facilities), and/or DOE-facilitated voluntary partnership programs (for privately owned facilities).


December 8, 2023

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