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Water Power Technologies Office - Marine Energy Systems Innovation at Sea. Due 11/4. $2.125M Avail.

Opportunity Title:

Marine Energy Systems Innovation at Sea

Opportunity Number:



The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Water Power Technologies Office (WPTO) today released a $10.3 million funding opportunity to accelerate the development and testing of renewable marine energy technologies with a focus on wave and ocean current resources.

This funding opportunity invests in wave-powered technology innovation and research and development for seawater desalination and a feasibility assessment for an ocean current test facility. It is the first significant funding opportunity DOE is investing in a blue economy market and is designed to encourage faster and smaller-scale designing, building, and testing of marine energy technologies.

Marine energy resources—such as wave, tidal, and ocean and river currents—are abundant, geographically diverse, energy dense, and complementary to other renewable energy sources. Significant in-water testing has occurred in recent years, both domestically and internationally, to prove performance and reliability of systems that could provide utility-scale levels of clean electricity to the grid. Marine energy can also serve the needs of many blue economy markets such as producing fresh water through desalination in disaster relief situations and to small communities.


Applicants are highly encouraged to include individuals from groups historically underrepresented in science, technology, engineering, and math on their project teams. Further, minority-serving institutions, minority business enterprises, minority-owned businesses, woman-owned businesses, veteran-owned businesses, or entities located in an underserved community that meet the eligibility requirements described in the funding opportunity are encouraged to apply as the prime applicant or participate on an application as a proposed partner to the prime applicant.

Maximum Award:


Minimum Award:


Application Deadline:

Concept Papers due November 4, 2022

Full Applications due February 24, 2023

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