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Bay Area Air Quality Management District - Transportation Fund for Clean Air Program. Due: 5/18/22.

Opportunity Title:

Transportation Fund for Clean Air Regional Fund and Air District


Vehicle emissions contribute to unhealthy levels of ozone, also known as "smog," and particulate matter.

In the Bay Area, tailpipe emissions from the transportation sector account for approximately 40 percent of the criteria air pollutants and greenhouse gases, or GHGs, emitted. Significant emissions reductions from the on-road transportation sector are key to helping the Bay Area attain state and federal ambient air quality standards and GHG emission reduction targets.

In 1991, the California State Legislature authorized the Air District to impose a $4 surcharge on cars and trucks registered within the Air District’s jurisdiction to provide grant funding to eligible projects that reduce on-road motor vehicle emissions. The statutory authority for the Transportation Fund for Clean Air, or TFCA, and requirements of the program are set forth in California Health and Safety Code Sections 44241 and 44242.

Sixty percent of TFCA funds are awarded by the Air District through the TFCA Regional Fund, and to eligible programs implemented directly by the Air District, referred as Air District-sponsored programs. Each year, the Air District’s Board of Directors considers the allocation of new TFCA funds and the proposed updates to the policies. Solicitations and Call for Projects are issued following the Board’s approval.

The remaining forty percent of this funding is passed through to the designated agencies of the nine Bay Area counties through the County Program Manager Fund and is awarded by these agencies to TFCA-eligible projects located within those counties.


Public agencies are eligible to apply for all project categories.

Non-public entities are eligible to apply for only Clean Air Vehicle Projects and advanced technology demonstrations that are permitted pursuant to HSC section 44241(b)(7).

Maximum Award:

Each public agency may be awarded up to a total award of $5,500,000 per agency per year.

Each non-public entity may be awarded up to a total award of $5,000,000 per entity per year.

Minimum Award:


Application Deadline:

May 18, 2022

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