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CA: CEC RFI Whole-House Home Energy Rating and Labeling (Amendments to HERS Program) – Due 02/23

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Whole-House Home Energy Rating and Labeling Pre-Rulemaking



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The overall goal of the whole-house program is to provide consumers with reliable information regarding the relative energy efficiency of a new or existing home. This information can be supplemented by cost-effective energy efficiency recommendations which Californians can choose to implement to help them save energy and money on their energy bills. The California HERS Program as it pertains to home energy rating and labeling services has not been updated since 2009.

In this rulemaking proceeding, the CEC will consider various amendments to update and improve the voluntary whole-house program regulations to better support state energy efficiency, climate action, and greenhouse gas emission reduction goals. The CEC seeks information and feedback to learn about other programs and tools that assess and rate the energy efficiency assets of residential buildings and tools, how these programs and tools are applied to advance energy efficiency, and how information about cost-effective improvements can most impactfully be communicated to Californians via labels or other means.

This RFI provides interested parties an opportunity to submit for consideration written technical information, data, reports, and comments on updating Title 20 regulations, Section 1670 – 1675, as it relates to California’s home energy rating and labeling services. The goal is to encourage public participation and gather preliminary information that will be used to kick-off the public workshops that will begin in early 2024.


February 23, 2024

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