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CA: CEC Zero-Emission School Bus Charging and Fueling Infrastructure Block Grant – Due 01/04/24

Opportunity Title:

Zero-Emission School Bus Charging and Fueling Infrastructure Block Grant


CA Energy Commission

Opportunity Number:



This is a competitive block grant solicitation. The California Energy Commission’s (CEC’s) Clean Transportation Program is seeking a block grant Recipient to design and implement an up to $375,000,000 incentive program to fund incentive projects for California local educational agencies (LEAs). Incentive projects are defined as individually awarded incentives to LEAs for zero-emission school bus infrastructure projects. The incentive program will prioritize zero-emission school bus infrastructure awards, but when an LEA provides sufficient information to demonstrate significant barriers to the adoption of zero-emission technology, and alternate approaches to decrease internal combustion vehicle use is not appropriate, the block grant incentive program may fund infrastructure for renewable fuel school buses. The Recipient, working in collaboration and consultation with CEC staff, will plan, produce, and manage an incentive program in alignment with the Project Requirements referenced in Section II.

The goals of the incentive program are to:

  • Launch an incentive program by May 2024 upon award;

  • Support the state’s commitment to the transition of zero-emission school buses by providing funding for supporting infrastructure;

  • Ensure LEAs are aware of available funding and can quickly and easily access funding;

  • Reduce energy equity gaps and invest in underserved communities by prioritizing small and rural school districts or those that serve a high percentage of unduplicated pupils;

  • Prioritize grantees purchasing zero-emission school buses with bidirectional charging where available.


This solicitation is open to all public entities and not-for-profit technology entities with a physical office in California.

Award Details:

Total Amount Available:

$125,000,000, and more depending on budget ($375,000,000)


January 04, 2024

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