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CA Gov. Office and Planning and Research - ICARP Grant Programs. $25M Available.

Opportunity Title:

ICARP Climate Adaptation Planning Grant Program


In 2021, OPR, through ICARP, received $25M in the state budget to fund the Adaptation Planning Grant Program to support local, regional, and tribal adaptation planning across California.

As communities in California experience more frequent, prolonged, and severe impacts of climate change, state, regional, local, and tribal governments are undertaking adaptation and resiliency planning. However, many jurisdictions lack the capacity, tools, guidance, and resources to effectively prepare for climate impacts. This capacity gap hinders the ability of communities to develop and implement plans that build resilience and reduce future risk.

To meet this need, the Adaptation Planning Grant Program provides funding to help fill planning needs, provides communities the resources to identify climate resilience priorities, and supports the development of a pipeline of climate-resilient infrastructure projects across the state.

Total Amount Available:


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