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Coming Soon: NSF Cognitive Neuroscience (CogNeuro) Grant Program – Opens 01/15/24; Due 02/01/24

Opportunity Title:

Cognitive Neuroscience


National Science Foundation

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The Cognitive Neuroscience (CogNeuro) Program seeks to fund proposals that can advance our understanding of the neural mechanisms underlying human cognition and behavior. Funded proposals typically advance theories in cognitive neuroscience by relating precise and rich quantifications of physiology, cognition and behavior with each other (Intellectual Merit). Funded proposals also typically strengthen the field through, for example, outreach, mentoring the next generation of diverse cognitive neuroscientists and/or increasing awareness and utilization of the research the field produces (Broader Impacts).

In general, successful proposals seek to make impacts beyond traditional academic routes, such as having the PIs publish research or teach undergraduate courses. Strong broader impacts can be quite varied but will typically involve specific efforts strengthening the field and/or increasing its visibility by leveraging the characteristics of the institution, department and/or researcher. Consider the following non-exhaustive examples:

  1. STEM education and outreach, particularly in underserved communities.

  2. Directly involving undergraduates and high-school students in research.

  3. Making tools and applications available, discoverable, and easily useable by, the general public.

  4. Science journalism or communication.


February 1, 2024

Opportunity Link

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