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Fish and Wildlife Service - Preventing the Introduction and Spread of Invasive Species. Due: 6/22

Opportunity Title:

Preventing the Introduction and Spread of Invasive through Strategic-Level Approaches

Opportunity Number:



Using appropriations to the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (also referred to as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law), the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS/Service), in collaboration with other DOI bureaus, anticipates providing grants to support implementation of measures to prevent the introduction or spread of invasive species. Proposals are requested that advance strategic, ecologically-based, landscape-level prevention measures. Landscape-level approaches are those that bring together multiple geographies, sectors, and stakeholders to protect and conserve natural resources on a larger scale. Submitted projects should benefit invasive species prevention efforts on a national or regional context. Proposed activities should focus on either prohibiting the entry of potentially invasive species into the United States or stopping invasive species already in the United States from spreading into new watersheds or geographic areas. Submitted proposals should demonstrate:

Benefits to Federal and/or Tribal lands or Insular areas (territories), although implementation efforts are not constrained to only on Federal lands and waters; An integrated management approach at the landscape-level that can benefit multiple DOI bureaus and geographic areas, particularly those areas that have been identified as high-quality, critical, core habitat, and/or having high risk of invasion; Implementation of effective, science-based tools or infrastructure that can be used for long-term invasive species prevention which may include leveraging existing knowledge and tools and/or building new capacities and capabilities; Partnership building and leveraging for collaborative conservation with other projects, programs and/or State, local, Tribal, and territorial partners; Cost-effectiveness and management efficiencies; and Ability to advance prevention priorities identified in the Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force’s National Priorities List for Research on Aquatic Invasive Species and/or DOI’s 2021-2025 Invasive Species Strategic Plan.



Total Amount Available:


Maximum Award:


Minimum Award:


Application Deadline:

June 22, 2022

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