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National Science Foundation - Sedimentary Geology and Paleobiology. Proposals accepted anytime.

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Sedimentary Geology and Paleobiology

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Sedimentary Geology and Paleobiology supports innovative research that advances understanding of the deep-time sedimentary crust and investigates environmental change and evolution of the biosphere through the pre-Holocene geologic record. The program seeks to fund projects that focus on: (1) the evolution of life, ecology, environments, and biogeography based on the study of fossils, sediments and/or geochemical proxies; (2) geological processes forming and shaping the Earth's sedimentary lithosphere –including the study of mechanisms leading to rich organic and inorganic resources locked in rock sequences; (3) new geochronological projects aiming to measure the rate and sequence of events of pre-Holocene sedimentary and biological (fossil) processes; and (4) the production, transportation, and deposition of physical, bioclastic and chemical sediments of the geologic record. Projects that are focused on the study of modern and/or Holocene sedimentary, geochemical and/or biological samples should clearly address how the project will lead to understanding of deep-time (pre-Holocene) geological, environmental, and biological (fossil) processes.



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Proposals accepted anytime.

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