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NSF National STEM Teacher Corps Pilot Program - LOI Due 08/20; Application Due 10/01

Opportunity Title:

National STEM Teacher Corps Pilot Program



National Science Foundation (NSF)


Opportunity Number:



The purpose of this program is to elevate the profession of STEM teaching by establishing a National STEM Teacher Corps Pilot Program to recognize outstanding STEM teachers in our Nation’s classrooms, reward them for their accomplishments, elevate their public profile, and create rewarding career paths to which all STEM teachers can aspire, both to prepare future STEM researchers and to create a scientifically literate public.

With this solicitation, NSF is inviting proposals to establish an initial set of Regional Alliances responsible for:

  • Recruiting eligible applicants to become members of the National STEM Teacher Corps (see definitions in section II.A.);

  • Screening, interviewing, and selecting members; and

  • Supporting other activities detailed in the Program Description and the law (136 STAT. 1515).

Each Alliance will be awarded as a cooperative agreement that represents the breadth of activities important to National STEM Teacher Corps Pilot Program and serves to elevate the public profile of STEM teachers within the region. Collectively these Alliances are expected to have a national impact.

The National STEM Teacher Corps also welcomes planning proposals submitted at any time during the year.


Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs)


Award Details:

Total Amount Available:



LOI Submission Due August 20, 2024

Applications Due October 01, 2024




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