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NSF Tribal Colleges and Universities Program Hub for Collaboration and Professional Development – Due 05/31/24

Opportunity Title:

Tribal Colleges and Universities Program Hub and Topical Interest Groups



National Science Foundation (NSF)


Opportunity Number:




This solicitation is offered for support of two types of projects, a TCUP Hub and faculty-led topical interest groups (TIGs). The TCUP Hub will serve the entire TCUP-eligible community with activities such as convening workshops (including the TCUP Leaders' Forum), coordinating faculty/student exchanges, organizing professional development opportunities, and overseeing TCUP Fellowship opportunities with eligible agencies. The Hub will connect people and organizations to facilitate relationships, expand and diversify networks, and support TCUP faculty and staff in building capacity in areas they identify.

It will curate shared resources, expertise, and experiences to build the capacity of TCUP institutions. Also, it will build and support a sense of community among all TCUP institutions and elevate the voices within them. Only one Hub will be supported, either to a single institution or to a collaborative submission from multiple institutions. Interested parties may find that a collaborative submission from multiple institutions is more feasible, engaging two or more TCUP institutions to synergistically leverage their different strengths in realizing the Hub's mission.



  • Tribal Colleges and Universities

  • Alaska Native-serving institutions

  • Native Hawaiian-serving institutions


Award Details:

Total Amount Available:



Applications Due May 31, 2024



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