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NY - Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) Qualified Vendor (RFQ 3691)


New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) is accepting applications from vendors, installers, and service providers of Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) to become a RTEM Qualified Vendor. NYSERDA is seeking both RTEM System Providers (installers) and RTEM Service Providers (monitoring services). NYSERDA offers the following benefits to RTEM Qualified Vendors:

  • Access to RTEM funding (launched November 2017)

  • Access to continuous market intelligence

  • Access to Technical Guidance Documents compiled using empirical data from projects identifying:

  • New technologies

  • Installation and maintenance strategies

  • Energy efficient savings

  • Non-energy benefits

  • Promotional materials such as RTEM literature and advertising templates

  • Publicity through NYSERDA’s website at, case studies, and other materials, as available.To become a RTEM Qualified Vendor, complete the online application.

Application Submission

  • Apply Online

Associated Documents

  • RFQ 3691 - Summary  [PDF]

  • RFQ 3691 Summary of Revision  [PDF]


  • Alexander Jahn

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