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DOE AMMTO: Platform Technologies for Transformative Battery Manufacturing – Concept Papers Due 03/04; Full Applications Due 05/07

Opportunity Title:

Platform Technologies for Transformative Battery Manufacturing


DOE Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies Office (AMMTO)

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This opportunity will advance platform technologies upon which battery manufacturing capabilities can be built. This R&D will improve manufacturability and scalability of sodium-ion batteries, flow batteries, and nanolayered films for energy storage. The funding opportunity will also integrate smart manufacturing technologies to increase productivity and lower the cost for domestic battery production. 

The goals of this FOA are to advance manufacturing platform technologies in the following specific areas:

  • Platforms for next generation battery manufacturing - focusing on manufacturability and scalability of critical battery components and system architectures as well as the role of machines for battery techonlogies (i.e., sodium-ion batteries (NIBs), flow batteries, and nanolayered films)

  • Smart manufacturing platforms for battery production - developing innovative ways to revolutionize battery prouction by maximizing the benefits of smart manufacturing

This FOA will support activities to advance platform techonologies that enable flexible, scalable, and highly controllable battery manufacturing processes. Topics include:

1. Platforms for Next Generation Battery Manufacturing

     1.1 Processes and Machines for Sodium-ion Batteries

     1.2 Processes and Design for Manufacturability of Flow Batteries

     1.3 Scalable Manufacturing of Nanolayered Films for Energy Storage

2. Smart Manufacturing Platforms for Battery Production


Institutions of higher education, For-profit entities, Nonprofit entities, State and local governmental entities and federally recognized Indian Tribes (Indian Tribes)

Award Details:

Total Amount Available:


Maximum Award:


Minimum Award:



Concept Paper Deadline: March 04, 2024

Full Application Deadline: May 07, 2024

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